Innovative Science

Tools for scientists and land managers on-the-ground

The vision of success for the Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperative is to ensure natural and cultural landscapes capable of sustaining healthy ecosystems, clean water, fish, wildlife, and human communities in the region through the 21st century.  Science, in the form of applied research and tools, is critical to achieving this vision.  The GCPO LCC both supports and collaborates in research and the development of tools to inform the work of land managers - whether public or private - as well as organizations seeking to avoid or mitigate the impacts of their operations on natural and cultural resources.

We provide a searchable Project Database of more than 50 science projects, which includes links to final reports and datasets online.  Some of our projects result in the development of web-based tools for conservation practitioners.

The most important of these online tools is the GCPO LCC Conservation Planning Atlas, or CPA.  The CPA is an online portal where spatial data meets dynamic web-mapping, without need for desktop GIS.  The CPA allows:

  • data discovery in an easy to use, organized structure
  • data visualization and retrieval
  • creation of exportable custom maps
  • analysis of multiple/intersecting datasets
  • dynamic conservation planning and analysis through group workspaces

With the CPA you can learn more about landscape conservation science and design in the region, and augment your own conservation work.