Collaborative Conservation

Cooperation to ensure a future for wildlife

The GCPO LCC is a collaborative enterprise comprised of more than 20 partners, many of whom work to make a direct difference for fish, wildlife, and natural places.  This network is critical to ensuring that LCC-supported science and landscape conservation design can help achieve results in the real world.

In 2017, the GCPO LCC Science Coordinator and other staff began a series of outreach meetings across the region to determine how the LCC could refine or expand the Conservation Blueprint to develop tools and priorities of immediate use to individual state and federal agencies.  Stay tuned for more information on these “use cases” currently under development.

Read a case study about the Inundation Frequency dataset, which has made a difference to numerous conservation practitioners across the South.

Read a summary of multiple Gulf Coast science projects sponsored by the four Gulf LCCs, which are making a difference for the conservation of habitats and species across the Gulf of Mexico.