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The Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GCPO LCC) issued a Research Request for Proposals today.  The GCPO LCC is soliciting proposals from interested groups and individuals that address high priority knowledge gaps associated with the science need themes identified in its Integrated Science Agenda, developed by the GCPO LCC’s technical Adaptation Science Management Team:

  1. Linking habitat and population objectives and integrating multidisciplinary conservation goals.
  2. Quantification and Evaluation of Relationships between Species and Landscape Endpoints for Priority Systems
  3. Characterization of Flow
  4. Evaluation and Assessment of Incentives for Natural Resource Management on Private Lands: Identification of Economic and Cultural Endpoints/Indicators
  5. Targeting Science Need Themes in the GCPO LCC’s Integrated Science Agenda

Up to $350,000 is available to fund 2-year projects in each of 5 topic areas ($1.75 million total). Additional details on the format and timetable for submitting proposals can be found in the full RFP announcement. We encourage broad participation from groups and individuals concerned with natural and cultural resource issues in the GCPO region.  Individuals from federal, state, tribal, local, commercial, non-profit, and educational organizations are eligible for funding as investigators or cooperators.  Cost share or in-kind match is encouraged but not required.


Proposals due: August 30, 2013

Applications MUST be submitted via the Mississippi State University online portal 

Download the RFP document 

Download the budget template 

The RFP is also available on, #F13AS00244



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  • The GCPO LCC recently hosted a Q&A webinar to provide some additional background and address general questions about the RFP as well as the submission process.  A link to the 40-minute video is available here.

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