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GCPO LCC is on flickr!

The GCPO LCC has created a group page on the image hosting website flickr. Flickr is one of the most popular image hosting websites, with over 87 million users and over 6 billion images hosted. Flickr provides users with a terabyte of storage space and supports both images and videos. The purpose of the GCPO LCC flickr group is to allow members to easily share and discuss images related to landscape conservation in our region. The url for the group is

Anyone can browse the images on the group site, but GCPO LCC members will have to join flickr in order to upload images. Joining flickr is easy and free. We are asking members to follow several guidelines when using the group:

  • Don’t hesitate to comment on images. We intend for this group to foster communication.
  • Keep the subject matter restricted to the general theme of landscape conservation. Landscapes, plant communities, and individual plants are all great subjects. We want to see what you are seeing in the landscape. We also like to see partners collaborating and interacting with each other in a variety of settings.
  • Set permissions for your photographs to a Creative Commons license, allowing your work to be shared by others. I set all my shared photos to Public Domain Dedication (CCO), the least restrictive. You may desire to require attribution, or add a restriction for noncommercial use only. You can read more about the different kinds of Creative Commons licenses here.
  • Please include a title and description with your image.
  • Unfortunately, groups do not support albums. That is to say, there is no way to organize images in the group, they are all just dumped into a big pile in the order that they are posted. Members, however, can organize photos into albums on their own pages, and we encourage you to do so.
  • Be aware that whatever name you use for your flickr account will be associated with the shared image. If you are sharing an image that you did not create, provide attribution in the description. Otherwise we will assume you took the picture yourself.
  • Also be aware that if your camera has geotagging capabilities, your image will be geotagged. I take all my images with an iPhone: they are all geotagged. Flickr displays image locations in an interactive mapping service. A geotagged photo of a rare plant for which you wish the location to remain unknown, for example, should probably not be on flickr, and, if it is, should probably not be shared to the group.
  • Even though the image may be geotagged, it’s still a good idea to provide some information about the location in image description, since the tag is just a point on a map.
  • Once you have created your flickr account and uploaded some images, you can set permissions and licenses for photos in batches. Click on “You,” then “Organize.” You drag images into a field for batch editing.
  • Remember, these aren’t rules. They are guidelines.
  • Have fun!

After you check out our group page, feel free to hop on over to my flickr account to see albums for several GCPO LCC meetings and conferences from the past two years. We at the GCPO LCC are looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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