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This news is posted on behalf of Cynthia Edwards, one of the GCPO LCC's new team additions in 2015.  

Greetings!  I'm Cynthia Edwards, Science Coordinator for the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC (GCP LCC), and I am expanding my professional interest to the GCPO LCC through a joint arrangement that will enable me to work across the two LCCs.  I've been very fortunate to have worked with John Tirpak and Greg Wathen and to have attended several of their meetings over the last couple years and observe all of the great work that has been going on!  My main focus for the next few months will be to assist in completion of the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment as Amanda Watson wraps it up.  During this time, I will continue my role as GCP Science Coordinator.  My work with the GCP LCC has focused on working with our Science Team to identify the collective science needs and priorities of our partners working at a landscape scale in the Gulf Coast Prairie region.

I have a background in agricultural economics and have worked in wildlife conservation the last 15 years, focused on prairie Canada and the southern US.  I'm particularly interested in making linkages to the social and economic values of species and habitat conservation. 

I look forward to working more with the GCPO partnership and expanding my knowledge of the region.  It's especially exciting given that both Todd Jones-Farrand and Dennis Figg are also moving into new and challenging roles - a great team learning process!  

I'm based at the US Fish & Wildlife Service Ecological Services office in Jackson MS, so if you are in the neighborhood please give me a shout!  Always glad to meet a partner in conservation. 

Cynthia Kallio

Science Coordinator 


337-207-9377 (cell)

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