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Past issues of the GCPO Monitor archived here.

February 2017 - Coastal Resilience

December 2016 - Plant Conservation

October 2016 - Southeast Conservation Blueprint 1.0 unveiled 

September 2016 - Two wildlife forestry webinars and call for prairie data.

August 2016 - The Outreach Issue

July 2016 - 3 Project webinars and review of the joint GCPO/GCP session

May 2016 - Joint meeting of GCPO & GCP Steering Committees

April 2016 - The GCPO 2015 Annual Report and Blueprint workshops review from a NWR

February 2016 - Blueprint Workshops well received

January 2016 - Blueprint Conservation workshops and Geospatial Science Meeting

November/December 2015 - Three BIG Landscape Conservation stories

October 2015 - A focus on partnerships where water meets land and new datasets

September 2015 - Partnership pulse check                        

August 2015 - SWAPs & LCD, the SECAS Symposium, and a call for data from the Grassland Ecological Assessment

June/July 2015 - The Gulf issue

May 2015 - Landscape Conservation Design and Open Pine Research

April 2015 - Kick off of our Countdown to SEAFWA 2016 and spring Steering Committee meeting

February 2015 - In memory of Ken McDermond, spring 2015 Steering Committee meeting, 2014 Annual Report, and How partners are applying 1 GCPO LCC dataset

January 2015 - 3 New Staff, Updated Website, and New Watershed Tool Exchange series plus other news

December 2014 - GCPO LCC joins 3 Gulf LCCs in strategic conservation design proposal to the RESTORE Council 

November 2014 - Large landscape conservation, new glades datasets, updated CPA & outreach, and more

October 2014 - Steering Committee decisions on conservation design, 2 Gulf-themed webinars from the GCPO LCC, and SECAS update

September 2014 - The Gulf of Mexico Watershed issue

August 2014 - Bioenergy, future urbanization and nontraditional partners in the South

July 2014 - Highlighting 3 connected stories about successful landscape conservation

June 2014 - 3 new resources from and for the GCPO conservation community

May 2014 - smart conservation 

April 2014 - focus on conservation design science & tools

March 2014 - news blast: new staff, SDM workshop and datasets 

Jan/Feb 2014 - Developing explicit linkages between science and management 

Nov/Dec 2013 - highlights the LCC functional role "helping conservation partners define and design the landscape of the future" 

Sep/Oct 2013 - highlights the LCC functional role "monitor effectiveness of conservation programs towards achievement of sustainable landscape conservation"

July/Aug 2013 - highlights the LCC functional role "help incorporate future change into conservation planning" 

May/Jun 2013 - highlights the LCC functional role "develop explicit linkages across existing conservation partnerships that span multiple taxa and habitats" - focusing on linkages between the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership and the LCC 

Mar/Apr 2013 - highlights the LCC functional role "offer partners a landscape perspective for their conservation activities"

Jan/Feb 2013 - highlights the LCC functional role "define & design sustainable landscapes"

Nov/Dec 2012 - Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment

Sep/Oct 2012 - surrogate species, Strategic Habitat Conservation and the first Adaptation Science Team meeting

July/August 2012 - coordination with the Climate Science Centers

June 2012 - Ecosystem Services

May 2012 - the East Gulf Coastal Plain issue

March/April 2012 - the Gulf of Mexico issue

February 2012 - the "cold-blooded vertebrates" issue

January 2012 - the Central Hardwoods issue

December 2011 - the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy issue

October/November 2011 - the aquatic partnerships issue

September 2011 - inaugural issue