How to Write News & Views Items

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First, create a new post.  You can copy & paste or write directly.  Using the "Add" buttons under "Content" you can add links, images, and upload files less than 7 MB.

Best online writing guidelines

  • The first words of your title/subtitles are the most important and should be descriptive of the content.  They are indexed in google and are what people will see in search results.
  • When linking, link to words or names that mean something, rather than generic language such as "here" or "this report."  That's because these types of links are more appealing to the reader (they give more information) and these link words will also be indexed by google in searches.
  • Write short paragraphs (shorter than in paper text) and use subheadings to organize information.
  • Don't overdo it on the links, too many links per post can be interpreted as spam by search engines.

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