Updated Announcement (Thanks to two new co-hosts: Mississippi State University - Geosystems Research Institute and the Gulf Coast Prairie LCC)

Updated Agenda (The most significant changes are on the last afternoon)

LCC Info Bulletin 2: Developing the National Geographic Framework (Feb 2010)

Prospectus for Building a GCPOLCC Landcover Database

Synthesis of Comments on Prospectus for GCPOLCC LCDB

Flyer: Texas Ecological System Classification

Poster: Vegetation Types in Coastal LA, 2007

GCPOLCC Conservation Planning Atlas Overview

Examples of Additional Conservation Planning Atlases:


     National Oceanographic Data Center

     The Conservation Registry

     Willamette River Basin Atlas

     Digital Coast 

     Northern Appalachian/Acadian Ecoregion Conservation Planning Atlas


     Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife: PHS on the Web

     NPS Natural Resource Information Portal

     Maryland GreenPrint

     Southern Forests for the Future

Meeting Follow-up

Notes - Geomatics Working Group Meeting

Attendee List

Presentation - Introduction to LCCs and Meeting

Presentation - Alternative Geographic Constructs

Presentation - Land Cover Database Development (O'Hara)

Presentation - Conservation Planning Atlas (O'Hara)

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