For users interested in standardizing spatial data on the web, the W3C recently released it's first public draft of best practices for spatial data on the web. 

The Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Best Practices document, developed by the OGC and the W3Ccan be found here:

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Abstract: "This document advises on best practices related to the publication and usage of spatial data on the Web; the use of Web technologies as they may be applied to location. The best practices are intended for practitioners, including Web developers and geospatial experts, and are compiled based on evidence of real-world application. These best practices suggest a significant change of emphasis from traditional Spatial Data Infrastructures by adopting a Linked Data approach. As location is often the common factor across multiple datasets, spatial data is an especially useful addition to the Linked Data cloud; the 5 Stars of Linked Data paradigm is promoted where relevant."

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